Tuition Coaches

Emet Global Education Group offers many cool benefits to our students. With your E-Fast account, you can chat with one of our tuition coaches. Tuition coaches are there to help our students and partners with tuition planning and support to better. To develop tools, resources and methods to better manage paying for school. This service is offered at no additional cost to our students or our partners.

Tuition coaches can work better with the student accounts department to come up with solutions to help our students who may be struggle to make payments. Each student has access to a tuition coach from day one of starting school. It is important to communicate with your tuition coach about issues that may be impacting your tuition relationship with Emet.

We are in the business of servicing the “whole” person. Truth is, we want our students to have a loan-free life after graduation. We not only teach our students vocational skills, we also encourage and teach them how to live a more well-rounded life. We know that “Teaching Emet is Teaching Truth!”