About E-Fast

E-FAST stand for Emet Financial Assistance Student Tracker, a platform where students of Emet Global Education Group can view their financial account, tuition options, find student account resources and make virtual request for financial services.

Our Mission

“The mission of Emet Global Education Group Student Accounts Division is to provide a seamless experience and tuition options that supports our “tuition affordability model” while upholding the institution’s mission and beliefs of quality education at an affordable cost. Our mission aims to help eliminate the worry students generally have regarding large student loans while in and out of school and secondly to provide students with a dedicated and professional team of account specialist, coordinators and tuition coaches every step of the way.”   

Our Focus 

“The main focus of Emet’s Student Accounts Division is our students. We don’t just say it, we show it! Our commitment to our students ensures and provides them with the ability enjoy a great and smooth enrollment experience as we work towards finding the tuition solution and financial resource needed to help them gain the vocational training necessary to having successful career.  

Our Goal

Emet Glob goal is to make sure our students get the best education in the most cost-effective way. We work really hard to develop a system, process and culture that does not over charge our students which is why the Student Accounts Division is a foundational part of who we are. Through our ETAP system, we can offer solution for tuition aid to our students. ETAP represents the Emet Tuition Aid Plan, which is our solution to help students pay for school as we are not Title IV founded.

One other part of our quality of service is keeping your financial records confidential and ensuring our student’s information is secure by following all the standards of the department of education, ethical standards of EGEG and a high level of data integrity. We take pride in making sure our students fully understand who we are, who we represent and what we do in Student Accounts. We want to ensure our students that we are built on the truth and true word of God in His fullness. We boldly stand behind our slogan of integrity that says “Teaching Emet is Teaching Truth”.