Emet Global Tuition Options

Through our ETAP system, we can offer solution for tuition aid to our students. ETAP represents the Emet Tuition Aid Plan, which is our solution to help students pay for school as we are NOT a Title IV founded institution.


Employer Reimbursement OptionWe have tuition reimbursement experts standing by to assist students who are employed by companies who offers reimbursements to their employees for credits earn towards a degree matching their organizational profession. Request Statements for reimbursement here


Professional Payment Option Allows our business clients to sponsor employee training and certification for their employees. Check on the status of your account here.

Independent Scholarship OptionIndependent Scholarship Option

ISO: With resources we have provided, some of our students have applied independently and while a percentage of those outcomes were not favorable, there were some students who have gain favorable outcomes. Even though we are not an affiliate of the institutions that are offering scholarship, we are always looking for ways in which our […]


SIPO: We offer different payment options for those paying out of pocket. Financial coaches are accessible to students. If you are one of our Self Invest Payment Option Student needing to make a payment please continue below. Student who wants to pay out of pockets and are place on a payment plan according to their […]

MyCAA Payment OptionMyCAA Payment Option

This is funding provided to qualified military spouses through the department of veteran affairs. You can see basic info about your account here and update your profile. You should log into your MYCAA account for more details

Work Force Innovation Opportunity ActWork Force Innovation Opportunity Act

WIOA Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act is funding provided through local workforce agency to help individuals in their program gain the skills necessary to better equip them for workforce. Click below to view the status of your WIOA account and update information.